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What Are The Top Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that allows people to transfer money for business and other purposes with cryptography applications. In fact, it provides ways to make secure payments without using any payment methods. There are several cryptocurrencies available on the markets today which aim at fulfilling the needs of individuals and business owners. At the same time, it is advisable to know which of them dominate the markets which can help investing money according to needs.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency launched in 2009 which uses peer-to-peer (P2P) network for electronic transactions. It utilizes advanced blockchain technologies which replaces middle men in the transaction process. Another thing is that it uses the mining technique that plays an important role in adding transactions to a public ledger. Those who want to buy the currency should find a good wallet for storing the same with ease. Currently, the currency has a market value of $156.52 billion.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is the topmost cryptocurrency that has a market value of $17.50 billion which is the second largest currency after Bitcoin. It offers smart contracts and decentralised applications to make payments with ease. In addition, Ethereum currency runs on its platform-specific cryptographic token called ether. The currency also utilizes a wide range of cases that allow people to make more financial transactions. It even launched a pre-sale for ether in 2014 performing important tasks with efficiency.

3. Ripple XRP

Ripple XRP cryptocurrency is mainly used by corporates rather than individuals. It allows users to make international payments in real-time at lower costs. The currency uses unique ledger that don’t require mining technique. It remains as one of the most enticing digital currencies which reduce the usage of computing power and network latency. Furthermore, Ripple XRP is the third largest currency in the world which has a market value of $9.80 billion and per-token value of $0.21.

4. Tether

Tether is the fourth largest cryptocurrency used in the world which has a market cap of $4.11 billion. It works on blockchain enabled platform that allows users to make payments with traditional currencies such as Indian rupee, Canadian dollar, and Euro. Apart from that, the currency gives ways to overcome price fluctuations due to market conditions and other factors.

5. Litecoin

Litecoin is the fifth largest currency used in the world that has a market cap of $3.57 billon which allows users to make payments faster than Bitcoin. It utilizes an open-source global payment network which doesn’t have any central authority.


Crypto Currency Mining

How To Set Up A Raspberry Pi As A Cryptocurrency Miner?

Nowadays, there are different types of cryptocurrencies available on the markets which aim at fulfilling the expectations of investors. Cryptocurrency is a perfect choice for making the transactions with ease that can save more time. It works on mining techniques that contribute more to add transactions into a blockchain public ledger after verifying the transactions of users. There are two ways available for mining a Bitcoin which can ultimately help earn high profits and revenues. The first one is using a consumer grade general hardware like a CPU to solve calculations. Customized hardware is the second way to mine Bitcoin which is also called as ASIC miner.

Raspberry Pi for cruptocurrency mining

Raspberry Pi is a small sized single board computer developed by Raspberry foundation in the UK which aims at developing the skills of students and children. It provides a series of computers for users to encourage learning and other things. Although mining with Raspberry Pi is not a profitable one, it is an ideal one for learning many things with ease. Beginners who want to know more about cryptocurrency mining can benefit a lot with Raspberry Ai which gives ways to earn more currency.

How to set up a Raspberry Pi for crytocurrency mining?

Before setting up a Raspberry Pi for cryptocurrency mining, it is necessary to keep in mind for meeting essential needs. The first step is to select the preferred currency that is CPU mineable. Those who are looking for profits can choose alternate coins which can help obtain optimal results. The next thing is picking the Raspberry Pi hardware and Raspberry Pi 3 is the right option for this purpose because it affords the best computing power while mining a cryptocurrency.

Things needed for Raspberry Pi cryptocurrency mining

There are certain things necessary for Raspberry Pi cryptocurrency mining for getting the desired outcomes. They include Raspbian configuration with Raspberry Pi and SD card that can help access the network with ease. USB mining device is another important thing needed for cryptocurrency mining purposes. Some other things required for cryptocurrency mining include USB mining device, mining pool account, powered USB hub, wallet, etc. To set up the Pi, users should also install proper libraries to process important commands without any hassles. People willing to get more ideas on how to create a Raspberry Pi for cryptocurrency mining can search them online which give ways for minimizing unwanted problems.


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A Comparison of Vimeo Plus and Vimeo PRO

Vimeo Plus and Vimeo PRO are video streaming services available on the internet that allow users to create professional videos with innovative ideas. Both platforms offer free and paid versions that provide ways to create high-quality videos. However, it is necessary to compare the features between them which can help to choose the right one accordingly.

Vimeo Plus Vs Vimeo PRO: Head-to-head comparison

Storage space

Vimeo Plus provides 5GB weekly storage and 250GB annual storage capacity. Another thing is that it enables users to analyze advanced statistics with priority support. On the other hand, Vimeo PRO offers 20 GB weekly storage and 1TB yearly storage. In addition, it comes with privacy protection allowing users to convert their videos into different formats with ease.

Team collaboration

Vimeo Plus doesn’t allow users to add members in their account and Vimeo PRO gives ways to add up to 3 members to an account. This will help a lot to upload and manage videos and collections with ease.

Private mode

Private mode enables users to keep their profiles and videos to appear on the official Vimeo website. It is an ideal option for those who want to host only commercial content for their business purposes. The option is available in Vimeo PRO and not in Vimeo Plus.

Customized portfolio sites

A customized portfolio is the best way to build and customize a professional video portfolio with full hosting and other features. This feature is not available in Vimeo Plus and available only in Vimeo PRO version.

Review tools

Pro accounts allow users to create private and unlisted review pages for videos. The feature is only available in Vimeo PRO version and not in Vimeo Plus version.

Videos on Demand

Videos on Demand allow businesses to sell them directly to online audience that can help earn more money. The feature is available only in Vimeo PRO and not in Vimeo Plus.

Customization options

Vimeo Plus offers advanced customization options for users and Vimeo PRO provides professional customization options. They can change the colors, hide elements, and add a logo to their brand with them for grabbing the attention of viewers.


Vimeo Plus costs $5 per month that let users to create videos with high streaming quality. On the other hand, Vimeo PRO costs $17 per month. However, Vimeo PRO promo codes are available on the markets that can help cut-down the prices to a large extent.

Turnkey Internet Services

A Review of Turnkey Internet Services

The number of web hosting service providers are increasing day by day in order to fulfill the needs of website owners who want to get high visibility online. Turnkey Internet is a New York based company that aims at offering enterprise level services for small and medium business firms. In fact, it provides a wide range of web hosting platforms for businesses to focus more on their objectives with attention. Each of them has their own features which ultimately help to achieve the best results in online business.

Features of turnkey Internet

  • Enables websites to load faster with high speed which complies with high American certification standards
  • Domain registration at additional costs and Unlimited bandwidth for businesses
  • SSD storage for reading hard disk quickly
  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that increase the functions of a website
  • Free SSL certificates and R1 soft backup for automatic website restoration
  • Free migration and Money-back guarantee for businesses that are not satisfied with a web hosting plan
  • Unlimited disk spaces and sub domains
  • Add-on domains, MySQL databases, and parked domains
  • Excellent customer support and green data center
  • Affordable prices that suit the budgets of businesses

Types of web hosting plans offered by Turnkey Internet

Turnkey Internet offers Linux hosting, SEO hosting, windows hosting, and reseller hosting for all sizes of businesses. It even covers dedicated server rental services for clients based on their choices. SEO web hosting is a perfect choice for websites to improve their visibility in search engines with high success rates. The windows hosting offered by the company covers three different plans for businesses enabling them to select the right one. Those who want to know more about the plans can get details from the company or other sources that can help accomplish goals in online business to generate more revenues.

How to choose the right web hosting plan?

Turnkey’s webhosting plans start from $2 to $ 30 and the price depends on the type of a hosting plan. The company covers most of the answers in knowledge page area on its official website. There are a lot of FAQs available in each section of the Turnkey page that can help understand better. 24/7 customer support is available for clients allowing them to pick the best plan depending on the requirements. Clients can contact the customer support through phone and live chat or submit tickets online for resolving issues as soon as possible.


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Yahoo! Small Business

A Review of Yahoo Small Business Services

Yahoo is one of the reputed search engines that allow businesses to market their products online with innovative ideas. On the other hand, starting a new online business requires many preparations for generating more revenues. Some of them include website set up, webhosting, domain name, internet access, and domain mail system. When anyone wants to start a small business, they should spend more money and time for meeting essential needs. As a result, Yahoo introduced a feature called Yahoo small business service which allows individuals and others to start an online business easily.

What is Yahoo small business service?

Yahoo small business service offers several benefits for those who want to start a new online business with ease. It provides ways to generate more revenues in online business with high success rates. Internet is the best platform to reach more customers in quick turnaround time and small business owners should focus on more certain things for accomplishing goals to a large extent. Yahoo small business service offers website building, webhosting, free domain name, and yahoo domain mail that can help save more time. Furthermore, it even gives ways to list information in multiple local search engine directories.

How to create Yahoo Small business service account?

Small business owners who want to create Yahoo small business account should follow certain tips for meeting exact needs. The first step is that they should go to Yahoo Small business home page and complete sign-in process by clicking the icon at the right side of the page. It is advisable to create the login ID by entering the mail id, first name, last name, and creating the password for approval process. Apart from that, users should click the “Create account” option for activating the account after receiving the link in email.

What is the price of Yahoo small business service?

The price of Yahoo Small business service is affordable which costs only $7.77 for the first two months. Business owners can enjoy the services at $8.96 per month there after which ultimately gives ways to run a business without any difficulties. Yahoo Email business service also offers personalized email addresses to individuals to gain more benefits. It even provides some other outstanding features such as free email newsletter, spam solutions, domain name for email addresses, branded anti-virus software, and unlimited space on the email server. Yahoo small business service allows small business owners to communicate with clients, customers, and others as soon as possible that can increase sales.


CBD Illustration - How it Works

Health Benefits Of CBD

CBD is one such oil that is extracted from Cannabis, but it is not directly provided to the users, as it gets mixed with some inert oils such as coconut oil and various others. The basis usage because of which this CBD was created is for the treatment of severe body pain issues. Moreover, it is prescribed to those users who are facing some severe kind of pain issues and are unable to get rid of it even after using various oral medicines.

But the health benefits of CBD does not end up here, as there are several benefits that one can take advantage of. In case if you want to know about those health benefits then do follow this article till the end, as here we will try to discuss every health benefit offered by CBD.

Health benefits of CBD-

Here is the list of benefits that you can take advantage of with the help of CBD-

  • The first major reason because of which CBD is used, it’s for the treatment of anxiety disorder. In research, it was found that those who use CBD daily they were able to relieve from anxiety issues drastically.

  • The next most significant reason because of which one should use CBD, and that is for getting rid of their drug addiction. If you are someone who takes drugs and it is getting difficult for you to control, hence you want to get rid of that, then CBD is one such thing with the help of which you can get rid of your drug addiction by daily uses of it.

  • CBD is also helpful for those who face nerve pain issues. Moreover, it is found that CBD directly works on the nervous system of a person and hence relaxes it with the help of which the person can get rid of its nerve pain issues completely.

  • CBD can also help you in reducing the risk of heart attack, in research, it was found that those who use a low dosage of this medicine daily they were able to take advantage of low blood pressure which was a great news.

  • It can even prevent you from seizures attack. Moreover, whenever someone faces this issue, they were given a small dosage of CBD with the help of which they can reduce the effect of seizures efficiently.

There are many more such benefits of CBD, but above-listed are some of the most important ones.

Business Partner

Why Is It Better To Outsource Freelancers Than It Is To Have Employees?

Are you a new business owner and trying to create a team for your work with the help of which you can provide satisfactory work to your clients and employers? If you said yes, then we are sure that you must be stuck with a question of should I hire freelancers for my work or directly get 9 to 5 job worker employees for my business?

In case if you are stuck with this question, then I would suggest you hire freelancers for your business. And in this post, we are going to talk about why it is better to outsource freelancers that it is to have employees.

Why is it better to outsource freelancers that it is to have employees?

Here is the list of reasons because of which you should hire freelancers rather than permanent employees.

  • Freelancers work on a contract basis. The first advantage that you get is that freelancers work on a contract basis and within that contract, if you like their work then you can even extend that contract too. Moreover, you would be able to cut down several expenses while selecting a freelancer and in case if you thought about getting a full-time employee then you would have to tackle several expenses and other works related to it.

  • Plenty of options. Whenever you will move out for finding a freelancer for your business project, you would be able to notice that there are plenty of options available and hence you can find the best someone for your project.

  • Freelancers have broader experience. Yes, freelancers have broader experience because they work with several clients at the same time and hence with the help of which they get more experience and are having more knowledge of how to deal with different kind of employers and their work efficiently.

  • Timely delivery. One thing as an employer, you must have noticed that full-time employers have less work tendency. Let’s take an example- if we have a look at a full-time content writer who works for a company, then the word limit that they can handle is near about 2000-2500. While on the other hand if we have a look at a full-time freelancer that is working on its own, they have the tendency of providing 4000-6000 words daily and that too at same or even better content quality.

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Winter Fire

How To Make Fire Out Of Water

Step 1: Create ice from water

To make fire out of ice, you will first need the main ingredient, water. Now, this important, you will need clean water and a small foil round-shaped container having about 2-inch in depth; you can take some water in and boil it for 10 minutes to remove gases from it and make it crystal clear, and then let it cool. Once the water gets cool, put it in the container you just made and leave it for freezing. Make sure that you get a clear circle shaped ice out of this process.

Step 2: The process of creating an eye lens

Once you get an ice circle, turn it into the lens by shaving it with a knife or with a similar hard object. Grinding your ice circle on a stone or cemented surface can help you in turning it into a sharp lens. Make the edges smooth by heating it with your hands and melt it to make it sharp and clear. The ice lens should be made clear enough that it can work like a lens which allows sun rays to travel across it.

Step 3: Find tinder and turns it into the fire

Now, find dry tinder and place it on a surface in a divided position under the sunshine. Hold the lens in the perpendicular position and move it over the tinder to get the brightest spot of light onto tinder. Make sure the water doesn’t drop on the tinder. By doing so, the tinder will first smoke and catch fire. Keep the lens into this position until the tinder completely turns in the fire. If you are unable to find tinder around, then you can try this on paper as well.


The important step in the whole process is how you turn ice into a lens. If you are unable to freeze a good piece of ice outdoor, you can make arrangements in your home to make an ice block. It only takes seconds to smoke and eventually setting fire with the help of ice. You can follow the above-mentioned step to make fire out of ice. You may face some difficulties at the start, but doing it with determination can make the process easy for you.

SEO Tiles

What Is The Best SEO Software in 2020?

Using the best SEO software is essential as it may help you in building the backlinks. These backlinks are important also because they can help to get your URLs found by the popular search engine crawlers easily. This will help also in driving lots of traffic into your website. High Internet traffic means you will be able to make a lot more money from your website; it means that your Internet marketing campaign will be more effective.

The best SEO software comes with a few interesting features. It may automate the tasks like Social bookmarking, RSS submission, search engine submission, directory submission, pining etc. these types of SEO tasks can be quite tedious and the software can offer you unparallel convenience to work on.

The automation feature means also that your SEO campaign is more likely to be effective since there will be no room for any kind of human error. You will not even lose all the interest in manual SEO as the SEO methods as the manual directory submission are more effective than the other automatic SEO methods.

How to find the best SEO software?

The best SEO software is specially designed to improve the ranking of your website in the search engine result pages. You will not need to pay anything to the service provider for the purposes. It helps one to improve the search relevance of a website. The best software is a helpful tool for SEO specialists because it helps them in improving their web properties and to identify the areas that require improvements.

You can search for the best one by determining your specific requirement because there are different SEO software that meets different purposes. You need to choose the right one to solve your specific issue. If your brand is suffering, you can look for SEO software with reputation management.

Compare different options to get the best software. Download the free trial versions of different options so that you can know exactly what works for you.

You can take the recommendation of the experts or can search the internet for the best reference before considering the best software as per your requirements. The best software will help you in keyword research, rank tracking, SEO audits, link building, and content optimization. The best software will report about the “health” of the website too. Google Search Console, SEMRush, Ahrefs, MOZ, Yoast SEO are some best software in this category.

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WordPress web hosting

Finding A Host For Your WordPress Website

Have you ever thought about hosting a WordPress website? If you are trying to start a business online, this is one of the easiest platforms for anyone to create when it comes to website building and web hosting. It allows not only to configure quickly configure how your website looks but allows also you to make and update regular posts that will be found and indexed on different search engines for the keywords that you want to rank for. If you have a WordPress website, an appropriate hosting provider is important for you. Properly managed hosting of WordPress, comes with a lot of features.

To host your WordPress website, you will get several options; but here are the four we looked into:

1. HostGator for WordPress hosting

HostGator is one of the leading webhosting companies in the world that offers different types of hosting plan for WordPress sites. It is necessary to know the pros and cons of choosing HostGator for WordPress.  Click here to find out more.


  • Unlimited sub domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, disk space, and bandwidth
  • 52 free scripts, free website builder, free website transfer, and $100 Google Adwords offer
  • Green webhosting
  • cPanel control panel
  • Unlimited MySQL databases with phpMy admin access
  • Supports Python, SSL, PHP 5, and other programming languages
  • Email features
  • Award winning customer support


  • Slow page speed
  • No free domains
  • Aggressive selling

2. GoDaddy for WordPress hosting

GoDaddy is becoming a popular choice among WordPress web developers because it releases many new products every day. The managed WordPress hosting offered by the company is an ideal one for ensuring better server performance and high security. Click here for more info


  • SSL certificate which is free for one year
  • Malware detection and repair
  • Quick SSD storage
  • Very affordable for those who want to launch 1-5 websites
  • Provides ways to setup a website with good designs


  • Lot of upselling products
  • Limitations on features

3. Ionos for WordPress hosting

Ionos is a topmost webhost service provider in Europe that offers plans for small and medium businesses at affordable prices. It aims at delivering notch performance and security with the latest technologies.  Click here to find out more.


  • High speed and faster performance
  • Adjust to the growing needs of a website
  • DDoS protection that can help protect a website from hacking and fraudulent actions
  • Automatic backup creation
  • SSL Encryption
  • HTTP/2 protocol which increases web page load times
  • Quality plug-ins and Add-ons


  • We had trouble finding any.

4. Bluehost for WordPress hosting

Bluehost is a perfect choice for WordPress hosting that offers SEO features, email marketing features, social media tools, and dashboard. Click here to find out more info.


  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and websites
  • Free SSL certificate included
  • Free domain name for first year
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money back guarantee
  • CDN enabled for a website
  • Installs WordPress sites immediately
  • 1-hour onboarding concierge call
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Staging environment
  • Security firewall
  • Exclusive discounts


  • Mixed reviews among users
  • No free site migration
  • Costly upgrades and add-on features