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Winter Fire

How To Make Fire Out Of Water

Step 1: Create ice from water

To make fire out of ice, you will first need the main ingredient, water. Now, this important, you will need clean water and a small foil round-shaped container having about 2-inch in depth; you can take some water in and boil it for 10 minutes to remove gases from it and make it crystal clear, and then let it cool. Once the water gets cool, put it in the container you just made and leave it for freezing. Make sure that you get a clear circle shaped ice out of this process.

Step 2: The process of creating an eye lens

Once you get an ice circle, turn it into the lens by shaving it with a knife or with a similar hard object. Grinding your ice circle on a stone or cemented surface can help you in turning it into a sharp lens. Make the edges smooth by heating it with your hands and melt it to make it sharp and clear. The ice lens should be made clear enough that it can work like a lens which allows sun rays to travel across it.

Step 3: Find tinder and turns it into the fire

Now, find dry tinder and place it on a surface in a divided position under the sunshine. Hold the lens in the perpendicular position and move it over the tinder to get the brightest spot of light onto tinder. Make sure the water doesn’t drop on the tinder. By doing so, the tinder will first smoke and catch fire. Keep the lens into this position until the tinder completely turns in the fire. If you are unable to find tinder around, then you can try this on paper as well.


The important step in the whole process is how you turn ice into a lens. If you are unable to freeze a good piece of ice outdoor, you can make arrangements in your home to make an ice block. It only takes seconds to smoke and eventually setting fire with the help of ice. You can follow the above-mentioned step to make fire out of ice. You may face some difficulties at the start, but doing it with determination can make the process easy for you.

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