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WordPress vs. Magento

If you are looking for the right option to create and developing your website online, you need to consider a few options. But most of us face the confusion to develop the website in Magneto or WordPress. These both are content management system and it is really difficult to choose one for the process.

Let’s check a few features of both:


Magento is an Open Source E-Commerce Site. There are many websites are Developing now by using Magento. Magento offers a great level of customization according to the requirements of the small business owners. A simple interface and feature riched options make it the right one to develop different websites. The interface of Magento allows creating some complex content pages, version controls and menu. This is quite like WordPress. But it is more secure than WordPress in term of third-part extension.


WordPress is one of the most popular Open Source Blogging and Content Management System. WordPress develops many websites and this is the most user-friendly choice for internet users. It comes with different plug-ins that help to customize your website as per your requirements. Plug-ins is easy to embed and it has template customization option too like an easy digital download, WooCommerce etc.

Choosing the right platform is difficult but you can consider a few factors:

Size of your business

If you are running a huge business with thousands of product and great traffic, then it is good for you to choose Magento because WordPress requires plug-ins for an E-commerce site. if the website has many data then WordPress will slow down to load that data. But if you are selling fewer products and services and if you have a small business with less traffic, you can develop the site in WordPress.


Magento is quite complicated platform comparing to WordPress. WordPress has a user-friendly platform and it is quite easy to work on it. In Magento, only the developers can work properly on this platform. But Magento comes with more options for the developers.


In WordPress, you can make your own design in a few clicks and in Magento, you need to use more program for designing your templates.


When it comes to the matter of security, Magento is the best place to work on. If one installs a third-party plug-in, WordPress may be able to protect all the data but Magento comes with different option to protect the data.

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